I know my sister has a blog, but I feel this story may not make the headlines. However, I found it quite hilarious! I have today off work, so Chris and I took off yesterday at 5pm, to spend Easter weekend with her and her family.

If you haven't seen "Baby Mama", you might not truly appreciate the following conversation.

I'm sitting here at the computer, while Charity is cleaning out the crib, getting ready to put Matthew down for the night. Eric walks in and the following conversation ensues (keep in mind, Eric has never pooped in the potty):

Eric: (holding his finder up in the air) Wipe it off?

Charity: Wipe what off? What is that?

Eric: Wipe it off?

Charity: Wipe what? Is that poop? You didn't poop in the potty, did you?

Eric: Yesssssss!

Charity: You pooped in the potty?

Eric: Wipe it off?

Charity: (Looks closer at his finger and smells it). Well it smells like poop! Where did it come from? Did you poop in the potty?

Eric: Nooooooo!

At this point, she's just assuming the poop went in the potty for the first time without her knowing, and he was rewarded with the sixlets candy I've been getting in trouble all day for letting him have. I was just sitting here quietly, WAITING for her to take his finger and lick it, thinking it was another chocolate ball I sneaked him when she wasn't looking. Seems best she didn't!
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  1. John Says:

    oh and do not forget that she also said "did you stick your finger in your butt"

  2. Julie Says:

    Hahahaha Poor Eric and his many pleas of "Wipe it off!"

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