At what point is someone given credit for doing all they can to be the better no avail? As a Christian, I am fully aware that I need to love others and be the best person I can be. But how does it work when you are dealing with other Christians who don't seem to share the same thoughts? It wears you down and gets discouraging after so many "bigger person" attempts. And then what?

My practice has been to make 2 grand gestures. And that's it. If they don't respond favorably to either gesture, then I give up. I get so angry at the lack of response, that I can't bring myself to make a third attempt. Mostly because I take it so personally. And I probably shouldn't. It's more than likely not about me...but I feel lost on what to do. The first thing I should probably change is expecting a response! I wish I could get my mind to wrap around the idea of giving without expecting acknowledgment in return. And by acknowledgment, I mean a slight change in the awkwardness that was prior to making my gesture. Not a gesture in return, not a hoopla big deal made...just a difference in attitude, I suppose.

Whatcha think?
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