Now that things seem to be falling in place, I guess I can let the cat fully out of the bag! I've given bits and pieces...but here's the big picture of events. Chris and I have been planning on getting married for a while, but really wanted to wait until he secured a job, and we were able to get a ring, and set a date. And over the past few weeks...all of those things have happened! So here's what the next 5 months hold for us.
  • May 25, 2010 - Got the ring!
  • May 29 - Checking out possible wedding venu
    e and restaurant in Gatlinburg, TN

  • June 4-6 - Chris drives to Tennessee for furniture for my/our new house
  • June 11&12 - Painting days at new house!
  • July 1st - Official move-in day in new house
  • July 6th - First day of Chris's new job (though hopefully in training prior to that)
  • August 2 - Full payment for honeymoon cruise to Bahamas is due!
  • Mid-August - My new boss arrives.
  • Late-August - Tutoring starts again (evenings gone!)
  • August-September? - Engagement Pictures
  • September - Must have lost enough weigh to fit into wedding dress hanging in my closet! :)
  • October 10 (10-10-10)- Wedding day!
  • October 11 - Leave for cruise
Not to mention the small details of buying furniture to fill house and getting stuff in order for wedding. :) I'm sure it'll all work out.

So now you know!
I'm gonna hurt somebody. And I don't think that's the best thing to do right I'll try blogging about it instead.

Chris and I have been trying to get some information from a company for 2 weeks now. When I first called 2 weeks ago, I talked to "R" (I won't out her online!) for about 30 minutes, explaining to her what I needed. She took down my information, quoted me a price, and told me that manager "G" would need to confirm that price by calling me the next day. So I waited. And waited. No phone call from the manager.

Then Chris tried calling 2 days ago, as we had an additional question to ask. He gets put on hold for 45 minutes (putting me over my monthly cell phone minutes), only to have someone get back on the line and tell him that only manager "G" can answer that question...and "she's not in today". Shocking. So I tried calling yesterday to ask for "R" or manager "G"....and neither of them are there.

Try, try again! I call about an hour ago....and get ahold of "R"! Yay...progress! I would rather talk to "R", since she was so nice the first time, and was able to answer all my questions. I sweetly remind her of our call two weeks ago, throwing out random details of our conversation two weeks prior. To which I get the response:

R: Are you sure it was me? You didn't talk to someone else? Maybe "J"?

Me: Ummm...noooo. I'm completely sure it was you. I wrote your name down after our conversation.

R: Okay. Tell me what we discussed again?

Me: told me that you wrote down my information, quoted me a price of $____, then let me know that manager "G" needed to confirm it. But I never heard back from her.

R: Yeah...we just moved offices around a bit here, and it seems I've lost a few files. I don't have your information anywhere. Can we start again?

Me: problem. *proceeds to go over exactly what I told her the first time*

R: Okay...that's going to be $____.

Me: What? That's 3x the price you gave me two weeks ago!

R: Yeah...I don't know why I would have given you that price before. Let me put you on hold and go check real quick.

*Is on hold for 20 minutes*

C: May I help you?

Me: Umm....yeah. "R" put me on hold about 20 minutes ago to get a price for me.

C: Okay, I'll transfer you to her.

Me: *dumbfounded*

R: Thanks for calling, how may I help you?

Me: It's Amber again. You put me on hold, and then never came back.

R: I don't know what happened! I went and got a price quote, and when I came back, the light wasn't blinking, so I thought you had hung up!

Me: Then how did "C" know I was on the line.....?

Ridiculous! If I wasn't soooooo interested in their product, I would have given up a LONG time ago. She assures me that THIS time, she has all my information. I'm supposed to talk to Chris and call back on Tuesday to let her know what we want to do. I really hope the price doesn't jump again in the next 5 days!
I just love change. It's fun. This week has been crazy busy, as I was told last week that I would be moving offices at work. We have a new bigwig coming to town, and I have been assigned to work with him come Fall. The best part about it all is that I got moved down to the 2nd floor...which is where there is little to no hallway traffic. :) Out of sight, out of mind!! I love my new office space, and it's a ton more private and offices around me...and I'm playing my radio, as we speak! Which I couldn't do in my old office, for fear of disturbing others. Yay!

I also got the keys to my new HOUSE....which is ALSO why I've been so extremely excited lately!! I currently live in a 1 bed/1 bath mother-in-law suite....which has been a wonderful blessing in starting to live on my own, but came furnished, so hasn't ever felt quite like "home". But randomly, one day, my dad called and asked if I would be interested in renting a house. Suuureeee...why not?? I went and saw it that same night and totally love it. It's small and cozy - a 2 bed/1 bath 1951 house that I have the privilege of doing whatever I want with. Finally! A place I can make my own! I move in July 1st, but got the keys last week. So I've already gone to pick out paint colors for the house, and have been looking at furniture pieces online a lot lately. I'm just so dadgum excited!

The wonderful (and not-so wonderful) part about the house is that it's on an acre of land. Which is GREAT...if I had a lawn mower. Not so great when I don't have one, and they are pretty expensive to buy (the riding ones, of course! :) ). But this picture is of the backyard - a perfect spot for a new hammock!
I probably shouldn't be writing about this, but I'm gonna! Today, my totally awesome and "respectable" place of employment has issued an "Active Gunman Practice Day". On this particular day (which I was not allowed to use vacation or sick leave to get out of), we are all required to be on campus by 8:30, at which point they will shut all gates and block all entrances. At approximately 9:00, there will be actors (?) who will portray the part of active gunmen and hostages, where we must react accordingly. We were notified ahead of time that we were to bring our lunch to our offices, or be prepared to starve until further notice. During the course of the next 5-6 hours, we are to act as though there is a gunman in our building, and lock ourselves in a room (barricading the door if necessary), that gives us as little visibility as possible - no windows to the outside or to the hallway. We are expected to stay there until we are given the "all-clear" via our phones....(which I would be using to call 911 if this were really happening)

So let me summarize this up for you. I must remain locked in my office all day, preparing myself for the "pretend" shock of someone coming down the hall with the intent to kill. I may not answer my door at any cost, must eat my lunch in my office, and I (assume) practice grand bladder control. What a productive day!

Let me just be honest, though. We've been forewarned about this for a few weeks now. It has crossed my mind that someone may take this grand opportunity to get the revenge they've been waiting for. It wouldn't surprise me if in the midst of these "actors", a real person decided they could earn people's trust by pretending to the actor, with his own hidden agenda. I know there's enough drama in my building to create such a thought in a person's mind!'s to an unproductive day at work, and the hope of getting out alive!
These are my two little darlings. I spend 6 hours a week with both of them, praying that any of the words that come out of my mouth will possibly take root in the confusion of hormones and "ADD" they are experiencing as 11 year olds. I began tutoring "D1" first - the one on the right, who is in 6th grade. "D2" lives down the street from D1, and is in 5th grade.

I've been going crazy these past few weeks trying to help them prepare for the EOG - End of Grade Testing. I wasn't required to take EOGs when I went to school. Not that I remember. And their parents are under the impression that they must pass this test in order for them to go on to the next grade. Pressure, anyone!!?? D2 went to a private school until this year, so he's never experienced having to take the EOG before. He's terrified to put down any wrong answers, and it's taken me a long time to explain to him the benefit of educated guessing. D1 tends to look for shortcuts when taking tests, and often doesn't read the directions before jumping into the answers. They are both brilliant boys, and quite enjoyable to work with. D1's sarcasm is comparable to my own. Makes for a fun tutoring session. :)

The EOGs are next week, so it may be my last week to work with them this school year. I told them I would take them out to their favorite restaurant next Friday in celebration of completing the week of testing, and I'm really looking forward to that. Both of their parents have asked if I would be willing to work with them next my adventures with D1 and D2 will continue!
I don't know which is worse - the fingernail polish, or the fact that my tub is green.

Total spatter disaster!