I just love change. It's fun. This week has been crazy busy, as I was told last week that I would be moving offices at work. We have a new bigwig coming to town, and I have been assigned to work with him come Fall. The best part about it all is that I got moved down to the 2nd floor...which is where there is little to no hallway traffic. :) Out of sight, out of mind!! I love my new office space, and it's a ton more private and offices around me...and I'm playing my radio, as we speak! Which I couldn't do in my old office, for fear of disturbing others. Yay!

I also got the keys to my new HOUSE....which is ALSO why I've been so extremely excited lately!! I currently live in a 1 bed/1 bath mother-in-law suite....which has been a wonderful blessing in starting to live on my own, but came furnished, so hasn't ever felt quite like "home". But randomly, one day, my dad called and asked if I would be interested in renting a house. Suuureeee...why not?? I went and saw it that same night and totally love it. It's small and cozy - a 2 bed/1 bath 1951 house that I have the privilege of doing whatever I want with. Finally! A place I can make my own! I move in July 1st, but got the keys last week. So I've already gone to pick out paint colors for the house, and have been looking at furniture pieces online a lot lately. I'm just so dadgum excited!

The wonderful (and not-so wonderful) part about the house is that it's on an acre of land. Which is GREAT...if I had a lawn mower. Not so great when I don't have one, and they are pretty expensive to buy (the riding ones, of course! :) ). But this picture is of the backyard - a perfect spot for a new hammock!
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  1. Julie Says:

    Congrats on all the moves! Having your own place to decorate and call 'home' is exciting, especially when it comes without a mortgage! :) Have fun decorating it and I can't wait to see some pics!

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