Chris and I were one of the last ones to find out ABC's Extreme Home Makeover was coming to Fayetteville. Apparently they had already had a pep rally the week before to gather interest and volunteers. Somehow, we both missed all of that! Chris was extremely excited for the opportunity to volunteer and help on this project, and went online to register to volunteer. We both figured it would be on the outskirts of town..more in the Blue Ridge Log Cabins was the company building the house. No way they would put a log cabin in town!

Thursday morning, the day they were set to arrive, I was driving to work and heard on the radio that the winner of the extreme home makeover lived off Langdon Street, in Seabrook Hills! WHAT?! That's where I work! And why is this radio guy telling the whole city, when no one is supposed to know until they knock on the door at 10am??! I was about 2 minutes away from work started looking down neighborhood streets to see if anything was blocked off. I saw a cop escorting a textile truck away from Langdon...two trucks waiting by with road block signs...then the parking lot in front of my building was completely blocked off. Woo-hoo! It's gonna be right here! I got to my office and began looking up exactly which neighborhood was Seabrook Hills. I was gonna beat those road block trucks to it!

The news reported that Ty would be knocking on the door at 10am, so I grabbed a coworker, jumped in the car, and headed to Seabrook Hills. We drove by street after street, looking for some sign of their arrival. I wanted to witness it! We even got an escort through the neighborhood by somebody that lived there! But there was nothing. At 10 to 10:00, I frantically crossed the street to another neighborhood. Maybe he meant Seabrook Park...not Hills. We drove in and out, up and down...street after street...after street. An hour later, I "yelled" at Ty for being late on the one day he's supposed to be in Fayetteville. My coworker was convinced that we just hadn't found the right neighborhood. I drove down the other end of Langdon, to turn around and head back to work...when we saw 3 cops in the middle of a main road with their lights on. Then we saw an ambulance pull out. Must have been an accident.

So we sat there and waited for traffic to move....and instead of turning right to go back to work, I was curious what was up ahead. So I kept straight. Low and behold....we found it! Well...we found the bus, anyway! And hundreds of people surrounding it in their blue shirts! And the designers! I was so excited...I pulled off the side of the road to take a picture....just to have a cop stop traffic and tell me to back myself back out! :) I wanted to find a legitimate place to park and get out, but my coworker felt we should get back to work. So I took an incredibly lame picture from my phone and reluctantly went back to my office.

We found out later that when we had seen the bus - it had actually just gotten to town. They didn't go knock on the door till noon. And although the house IS on Langdon St. - it was NOT in Seabrook Hills like the trusty radio DJ said it was!

Fast forward to Sunday night/morning. When Chris went to volunteer, the only shift he could work was 2am-8am Sunday morning. And so he did! He arrived an hour early - got his shirt, a hard hat, and went to work! He said when he got there, they stated that they were 7 hours behind on the project. The part that doesn't make sense to me is that they then were only 45 minutes behind when he left. Way to pick up the pace! Chris said that all the surrounding neighbors had been put up in hotels due to the amount of noise and light needed at night. He was given a list of rules he had to follow as a of which included no pictures. So he didn't take our camera. However, he thinks the guy in charge of yelling at those people was gone, as everyone around him had cameras and were freely taking pictures. The house is worth $750,00, and feels like 2 separate houses put together by a breezeway. The right side will house the director of the center and her family, and the left side has 5 full apartments with kitchens and all....that will hold 5 homeless women and their children. Both sides also have a full basement. They told Chris that it was the biggest house that had even been done on Extreme Home Makeover before.

They opened the project up for spectators starting on Saturday, 8am-8pm. People can park their cars at Fayetteville State University and take a shuttle bus to an area in front of the house. Stay as long as you want and take as many pictures as you want! I haven't gone myself yet - probably won't. But I will get to drive by it every day from here on out!

Michelle Obama is also gracing us with her presense for the final day on Thursday. They said she was coming to "volunteer"...but the house will be done on Thursday. So I feel safe knowing her hands won't get too dirty. I'm going to see if I can be a part of the crazy crowd yelling "Move That Bus!"...but then's going to be hot. I may just wait to see it on TV. Which is schedule to air on October 21st. Mark your calendars.

The following link has a video of the story and progress. Check out how small the house is to the left of the new home!! Ha!
Comically, I blog the most when I'm bored. Hence, when there is no blog post update - I'm busy doing things that are actually blog-worthy. Allow me to catch you up on the past month, in short. Let's pick up on my last diet (where all my blogposts could potentially start off!)
  • Continued on my low-fat diet.

  • Only lost 3lbs. on it.

  • Drove to Tennessee for my nephew's 2nd birthday.

  • Bought 200lbs. of sand to create a sandbox for his birthday.

  • Took my 4 year old nephew to the Planetarium, where he was afraid we would leave planet Earth forever.

  • Bought him honey sticks his mom would object to.

  • Gave him candy his mom would object to.

  • Gave him spaceman ice cream his mom would object to.

  • Attempted to create a slip-n-slide out of a tarp and dishwashing liquid.

  • Got made fun of by my sister for eating a low-fat muffin for breakfast.

  • Was told by my sister about a low-carb documentary called "Fat Head".

  • Drove home and watched Fat Head.

  • Decided to switch my low-fat diet to a low-carb diet.

  • Put my scale in the back of my car, so I wouldn't weigh myself for a month.

  • Engorged on everything I couldn't eat on my low-fat diet.

  • Ate more bacon, pepporoni, and hotdogs in the first week than I care to admit.

  • Realized I could have REAL ranch dressing.

  • Made a bowlful of Outback Ranch dressing.

  • Have only eaten 3 salads since then.

  • Made 2 pans of brownies for my husband's co-workers.

  • Surprised myself by not licking the bowl or spoon in the process.

  • Found out my husband's shoulder injury got denied by worker's comp.

  • Cried about money.

  • Got an unexpected check in the mail from Progress Energy.

  • Felt stupid about worrying about money.

  • Thought I might be pregnant.

  • Cried about money.

  • But I wasn't.

  • Thought I had take the first test too early.

  • Cried about money.

  • But I still wasn't.

  • Felt even more stupid about worrying about money.

  • Spent 13 hours one weekend creating a coupon binder.

  • Lost a coupon battle with Walgreens.

  • Lost a coupon battle with Wal-mart.

  • Poorly planned a trip to Food Lion for groceries.

  • Managed to only eat 1 slice of bread in 4 weeks.

  • Had a date night with the husband and saw "Bad Teacher".

  • Slept in a tent outside for the first time ever.

  • Made it through 3 big functions in a single day without eating cake, cookies, or bread.

  • Found out 2 friends from church also eat low-carb.

  • Found a scale while I was babysitting and stepped on it after 3 weeks.

  • Pretended I didn't actually step on the first scale, and acted surprised when I stepped on my home scale after a month.

  • Lost 12lbs.

  • Spent $7 dying my hair to repair the $100 salon job.

  • Succeeded.

  • My sister and nephews came to visit.

  • Went to the beach with the family.

  • Got called "Grammie" more than "Ambuh" by my 2 year old nephew.

  • Almost drowned in the ocean, and came home with a really bad sunburn.

  • My husband lost his wedding ring in the ocean.

  • Cried about money.

  • Bought my nephews sparklers for the first time.

  • Realized I could eat wings on the low-carb diet and had them 3 nights in a row.

  • Typed up 2nd round of letters for Zimbabwe mission trip support in October.

  • Found the perfect Christmas gift for everyone in my family.

  • Am now wishing away the hours, so that I may leave work and spend more time with my nephews, before my highly anticipated day off tomorrow.
There! I think you're caught up now. :)