These are my two little darlings. I spend 6 hours a week with both of them, praying that any of the words that come out of my mouth will possibly take root in the confusion of hormones and "ADD" they are experiencing as 11 year olds. I began tutoring "D1" first - the one on the right, who is in 6th grade. "D2" lives down the street from D1, and is in 5th grade.

I've been going crazy these past few weeks trying to help them prepare for the EOG - End of Grade Testing. I wasn't required to take EOGs when I went to school. Not that I remember. And their parents are under the impression that they must pass this test in order for them to go on to the next grade. Pressure, anyone!!?? D2 went to a private school until this year, so he's never experienced having to take the EOG before. He's terrified to put down any wrong answers, and it's taken me a long time to explain to him the benefit of educated guessing. D1 tends to look for shortcuts when taking tests, and often doesn't read the directions before jumping into the answers. They are both brilliant boys, and quite enjoyable to work with. D1's sarcasm is comparable to my own. Makes for a fun tutoring session. :)

The EOGs are next week, so it may be my last week to work with them this school year. I told them I would take them out to their favorite restaurant next Friday in celebration of completing the week of testing, and I'm really looking forward to that. Both of their parents have asked if I would be willing to work with them next my adventures with D1 and D2 will continue!
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