Now that things seem to be falling in place, I guess I can let the cat fully out of the bag! I've given bits and pieces...but here's the big picture of events. Chris and I have been planning on getting married for a while, but really wanted to wait until he secured a job, and we were able to get a ring, and set a date. And over the past few weeks...all of those things have happened! So here's what the next 5 months hold for us.
  • May 25, 2010 - Got the ring!
  • May 29 - Checking out possible wedding venu
    e and restaurant in Gatlinburg, TN

  • June 4-6 - Chris drives to Tennessee for furniture for my/our new house
  • June 11&12 - Painting days at new house!
  • July 1st - Official move-in day in new house
  • July 6th - First day of Chris's new job (though hopefully in training prior to that)
  • August 2 - Full payment for honeymoon cruise to Bahamas is due!
  • Mid-August - My new boss arrives.
  • Late-August - Tutoring starts again (evenings gone!)
  • August-September? - Engagement Pictures
  • September - Must have lost enough weigh to fit into wedding dress hanging in my closet! :)
  • October 10 (10-10-10)- Wedding day!
  • October 11 - Leave for cruise
Not to mention the small details of buying furniture to fill house and getting stuff in order for wedding. :) I'm sure it'll all work out.

So now you know!
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