I'm gonna hurt somebody. And I don't think that's the best thing to do right I'll try blogging about it instead.

Chris and I have been trying to get some information from a company for 2 weeks now. When I first called 2 weeks ago, I talked to "R" (I won't out her online!) for about 30 minutes, explaining to her what I needed. She took down my information, quoted me a price, and told me that manager "G" would need to confirm that price by calling me the next day. So I waited. And waited. No phone call from the manager.

Then Chris tried calling 2 days ago, as we had an additional question to ask. He gets put on hold for 45 minutes (putting me over my monthly cell phone minutes), only to have someone get back on the line and tell him that only manager "G" can answer that question...and "she's not in today". Shocking. So I tried calling yesterday to ask for "R" or manager "G"....and neither of them are there.

Try, try again! I call about an hour ago....and get ahold of "R"! Yay...progress! I would rather talk to "R", since she was so nice the first time, and was able to answer all my questions. I sweetly remind her of our call two weeks ago, throwing out random details of our conversation two weeks prior. To which I get the response:

R: Are you sure it was me? You didn't talk to someone else? Maybe "J"?

Me: Ummm...noooo. I'm completely sure it was you. I wrote your name down after our conversation.

R: Okay. Tell me what we discussed again?

Me: told me that you wrote down my information, quoted me a price of $____, then let me know that manager "G" needed to confirm it. But I never heard back from her.

R: Yeah...we just moved offices around a bit here, and it seems I've lost a few files. I don't have your information anywhere. Can we start again?

Me: problem. *proceeds to go over exactly what I told her the first time*

R: Okay...that's going to be $____.

Me: What? That's 3x the price you gave me two weeks ago!

R: Yeah...I don't know why I would have given you that price before. Let me put you on hold and go check real quick.

*Is on hold for 20 minutes*

C: May I help you?

Me: Umm....yeah. "R" put me on hold about 20 minutes ago to get a price for me.

C: Okay, I'll transfer you to her.

Me: *dumbfounded*

R: Thanks for calling, how may I help you?

Me: It's Amber again. You put me on hold, and then never came back.

R: I don't know what happened! I went and got a price quote, and when I came back, the light wasn't blinking, so I thought you had hung up!

Me: Then how did "C" know I was on the line.....?

Ridiculous! If I wasn't soooooo interested in their product, I would have given up a LONG time ago. She assures me that THIS time, she has all my information. I'm supposed to talk to Chris and call back on Tuesday to let her know what we want to do. I really hope the price doesn't jump again in the next 5 days!
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  1. Oh...and did I mention the "product" is a potential wedding venue?

  2. What is this product?!!! I'm dying to know!


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