As I sit here eating chicken and brown rice, with a side of guacamole (yes, some of you may find that odd....especially at 8:00am), I'm constantly thinking about phone calls, research, and payments that need to be made for the wedding. We are only 2 weeks in, officially, and 128 days away from the big day. And we've accomplished a LOT so far! I'm so excited about what we've done, the help friends and family are giving us, and the changes the next 4 months will bring!

I feel I've done a pretty good job with the wedding budget (though Chris may argue a bit! :) ). Very reasonable, no post-wedding debt to take care of, and all major items accounted for. So far -
  • Wedding Photographer booked
  • Engagement pictures booked
  • Wedding Venue reserved
  • Wedding ring (mine) paid for
  • Invitations in the process (gift from a wonderful friend!)
  • Bouquet picked out
  • Chairs and runner priced
  • Chauffeur priced
  • Honeymoon cruise reserved
  • Located salon for hair and make-up
  • Wedding cake made by my sister-in-law
  • Plane tickets found (soon to be bought)
  • Wedding dress/veil/undergarments in closet
Speaking of the wedding dress - several of you know I bought this particular wedding dress a year and a half ago when Chris and I jumped the gun and considered getting married in '08. It's been in my closet since then, and I had ordered it 2 sizes smaller than I was at the time I tried it on. So I've never actually put the dress on, and it has been so long since I have even taken it out of the closet. Mom had me scared, convincing me that the size I believed the dress to be was a size bigger than she remembered it to be, so I pulled it out last night to check. Whew! I was right. I only have to lose 35lbs. to fit in it instead of 50lbs. What a relief! *sarcasm intended*

So this is why I'm eating chicken and brown rice for breakfast (along with a vegetable/cucumber/apple juice I made this morning - gross!). I was told that reversing the order of your meals allows your body to burn off the majority of calories taken in (usually taken in through your dinner meal) during the day, as opposed to sleeping on them at night. I'll let you know. I also dusted my treadmill off last night for the first time. I can do this!!
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  1. Julie Says:

    Wow. Good luck! I'm soon to follow (though I don't have a gown to get into at the end of my diet road). I need to get to eating better and exercising. YOU CAN DO IT!

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