When I was growing up, I had this permanent image of how my life was going to be. No "if", "and", or "buts" about it. I knew what I wanted, what I was capable of, and couldn't foresee anything getting in the way. I was going to go to college, keep at LEAST a 3.0 GPA, meet a wonderful Christian man, date throughout college, graduate with a degree in Elementary Education, marry that wonderful Christian man that same month of graduation on the very campus that I had spent the past 4 years of my life. He would be a minister of some sort - preferably a youth minister - and we would buy a house and have an open door policy where anyone and everyone felt comfortable coming and going as they pleased. We would wait 2-3 years before beginning a family, in which time I would become this life-changing teacher and amazing cook, blessing all those who I come in contact with, and supplying every house guest with a hot, chewy, fudge brownie.

Okay. A bit exaggerated. But not far off. And a few things went wrong along the way.

I got my first...(and only)....D. In freshman history. 3 times. I despise history class. I despise, even more so...that I was capable of getting A's in senior level classes, yet could barely pass a freshman level class. And I kept taking it over and over again, believing I could do better. But I stopped after proving myself wrong 3 times. Killer to the GPA!

Then I went overseas. Which was not in my "plan" for life. I wouldn't even sign up for the Spring Break Mexico trips. I was too scared. Scared of the language barrier, scared of offending people, and scared of...all things...getting lost in a foreign country. Random, I know. But with the persistent persuasion of a best friend, I gave it a shot. And fell in love. Fell in love more deeply with the unknown that I thought possible. I no longer desired a planned, predictable future.

And I dated. A lot. I wanted to be flattered over and over again after feeling worthless from a broken engagement. I sought out guys who gave me attention, not guys I thought I could marry. Made it difficult to meet my "married by 2005" quota! Not to mention - they were FAR from being ministers of any kind.

I didn't graduate with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. I didn't even graduate with a degree in Elementary Education. I definitely didn't get married that year, didn't start a family 2-3 years later, and my cooking skills are far from spectacular.

Life is good. Thank goodness for God's plans.
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  1. It was fun re-living my years with you, through this post. Lots and lots of good (and bad!) memories...

  2. Julie Says:

    That's how life is! Having a plan can be a great thing, being redirected by God can be even better! :)

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