It's time for an update! I can't believe my last post was June 9th....time is flying!

Wedding plans are coming along well! I scheduled my hair and make-up appointment yesterday, which is nice to be able to check off the "to-do" list! And it will be half the price I had budgeted for hair & I'm really happy about that! We got our plane tickets bought to get to our cruise ship (also less than budgeted!), and I've planned a trip to see my brother and sister-in-law next week, where I'll get to sample 3 possible wedding cake flavors. Yum!

Now the house renovations are a completely different story! I didn't get approved for a Lowe's card...which I'm convinced now is a good thing. I'm one of those that wants it all done at one time, not dragged out over a year-long period. So all house renovations are coming out of pocket. Which means the bathroom and the kitchen are on hold. However...somehow...between now and next Thursday...the living room, dining room, and second bedroom will be completely finished. I have a LOT of packing to do! We've been spending SO much time working in the new house, that I haven't even begun move things out of my apartment. And Chris just left this morning for (more than likely) a week and a half with the church youth group. Yay me! Anyone want to come help??So far, the master bedroom is the only completed project. I know most of you have probably seen these on Facebook, but I thought I'd put them on here for my own journaling purposes.
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  1. Julie Says:

    Congrats on the progress and if I lived closer I would be there in a second to help! It's fun stuff!

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