Someone PLEASE tell me the point of micromanaging?! My newest boss just came in and asked me to make a phone call to the Post Office on campus after he found out a package intended for him was sent back. After asking me to do so, he left my office to return to his. But the second I picked up the phone, he walked back into my office and scripted to me what he wanted me to say. Did that really do either of us any good? I thought you asked me to do it to save yourself time, but you might as well have gotten on the phone yourself and said what you wanted!

I shooed him out of my office, so I could finish the conversation in peace....but I really don't get it! If you aren't comfortable letting someone else do something for you, why ask them to do it at all? Someone who wants to be involved in every aspect of a decision should just not give the pretense of trusting anyone else with it. Otherwise, it's a waste of that person's time...right??

Or am I way off base here?
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