Maybe it's my one thousand, seven hundred and fifty fourth attempt to lose weight. I can't keep up. Regardless, here I go again! I'm a yo-yo dieter, no doubt about it. My body clings to calories as though I'm about to shrivel up in the desert...yet refuses to let them go when I'm well nourished. It's a frustrating cycle. The smell of pizza makes me gain a pound.

I've done it all. LA Weight Loss, Weight Watchers, the Lemonade Diet, Alli, Slim Fast, all-natural detox, a form of Atkins, equivalent to the 3-Hour name it! I remember the first major weigh loss investment I made. I joined LA Weight Loss after someone told me I couldn't lose the weight. It just lit my fire. So I paid, saw my counselor every week, and ended up losing 40lbs. Was that my final goal? Nope! But I felt so accomplished and happy with my progress that I stopped going. That also happened to be around the time I was introduced to the world of bread and cheese via my first trip to The Netherlands. Yummmm! Why hello my formerly lost 25lbs...I thought I'd never see you again!

I kept those added pounds on for the remainder of college and until I moved to Eindhoven for a year. Then magically, with a lack of funds to buy junk food, and no car....I lost 35lbs. Yay! So when I got back to the States in '08, I was 50lbs down from my all-time high, back at my high school weight, and feeling good! I can keep this going!

Or so I thought. Then came the slew of pounds and additional diet plans. Up 10lbs, down 5lbs. Up 20lbs., down 15lbs. *Boing boing boing* It wasn't until recently I realized my main problem. I've been told (and believe) that the only way a diet can be successful is if you are doing it for yourself, and not anyone else. And that's what I thought I was doing. But I really wanted to hear someone tell me at church how cute I looked...not how cute the purse or jewelry I was wearing was. And once I'm a week into a diet, and the cravings are coming in massive waves, I begin to realize that I love myself for who I am, and can't reason with myself the need to care what others think. I've always loved myself and who I am. And I think that's the biggest reason I haven't been hugely successful at staying on a diet plan (and keeping the lost pounds away).

But THIS time...*let me insert your disbelieving chuckle*....I'm focusing on my future. Realistically, I can't even consider getting pregnant at my current weight. And realistically, I need to be concerned about how my weight affects my muscle disease. And REALISTICALLY, it should take me between 6 months to a year to reach a healthy BMI. If I keep putting it off, I'll never be where I want to be.

So I'll update you with my progress as I go. Over the past 3 weeks, I've lost 10lbs....but I've got so many more to lose! Feel free to ask me randomly to make sure I'm on track. Comparison pictures will come after more progress has been made!
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  1. Julie Says:

    A healthy diet plan is actually a lifestyle change. That's hard to do, changing your food diet and exercise plan, but it can be done! Diet is a lifestyle, not just a way to fit into a cute skirt. I think you're beautiful anyway but I totally see health benefits from losing the weight you want to. So does this mean no more random compliments from Mickey D's employees? Dang....*sitting back waiting for the questions/comments to fly from your 'pregnancy' comment*

  2. Anonymous Says:

    SHe's planning on having a girl. And I hope they name her something other than Olivia or Sophia.

  3. I guess for all you pessimists out there, I should clarify that I'm not LOOKING to get pregnant any time soon! And if I have a girl, I'm naming her Sydney Lane. :D

  4. Hey! I'm so impressed with you... and can't wait to hear your progress as time goes on!! What type of diet are you doing this time?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    You spelled her name wrong. If you're going to steal the name at least get it right!!!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    You go girl!!! you can do it!!! Remember Will Power. However he was no where around me tonight while I was putting away the rice crispy treats.

  7. Alan Smith Says:

    Amber, I'm proud of you. Hang in there! (maybe someday I'll have the motivation to join you).

    Hmmmmm.....two of those anonymous comments sounded like they came from someone familiar!

  8. yeah...they did...I was just too lazy to log in at the time.

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