Forget being a secretary. Forget being a teacher. I want to be a movie critic! I just love, love, love movies! They can't come out soon enough for me! I think I get my expectations up too high before I watch a movie, though, because I've been really disappointed in the ones I've seen lately! I thought I would create my own "movie critic" list for those of you who haven't had a chance to see the following:
  • Princess and the Frog - Seriously? Everyone made a big fuss about this?? I don't get it! The storyline was nothing close to the book, I was not prepared to watch a movie about frogs running from alligators, and it was all a bit overdone for me. Not my favorite Disney film.
  • Where the Wild Things Are - I probably shouldn't be giving a review for this movie, because I fell ASLEEP after 30 minutes of watching it. Talk about a slow beginning! So it's quite possible this COULD have gotten better after the first 30 minutes, but I wasn't about to stay awake and find out.
  • Bounty Hunter - I had my expectations set high for this one. I really did. I love Gerard Butler as much as the next girl, and Jennifer Aniston has always been a consistent actress in my mind. Good movie, overall. I think it just dragged on too long for me. And the basis of the entire plot was a little cheesy.
  • Alice (NOT Alice in Wonderland) - HORRIBLE. I actually rented this one, thinking it was Johnny Depth's Alice in Wonderland, and I just couldn't take it. The movie is supposed to last over 2 hours, but after the first hour, I was done. Not worth your time.
  • Dear John - I loved it! I personally loved the actress, and I love John Tyree in anything. It was sweet, but not overly sappy. Sad, but not overly sad. I thought it had a wonderful balance for a romantic movie!
  • She's Out of My League - Cute. Funny. Didn't make a huge impression. I'm now having a hard time recalling the details of the movie, but I know I enjoyed it when I watched it. Not necessarily one I'll be dying to see again, though.
  • The Hangover - I was told this was a movie full of "guy humor", but I laughed my tooshie off! I loved the dry sense of humor and abundance of sarcasm played throughout this movie. It jumps around some, so you don't always know why one particular thing happened, but I prefer movies where the whole story doesn't come together until the end.
  • Valentine's Day - Cute. Again, not overly impressive. Not worth the 6 month build-up they gave it. Worth a dollar at the local theater. But don't see it if you get real attached to certain actors. They will certainly blow their "reputation" in this movie!
  • Law Abiding Citizen - Totally awesome! Loved EVERY second of it! It is full of action, unexpected twists, and will mess with your mind a bit. You have to think about every detail along the way, and will love how it all comes together in the end. A must see for everyone!
Okay. That's all for today. Next on my "to-watch" list are Date Night, How to Train Your Dragon, The Last Song, Our Family Wedding, Why Did I Get Married Too, and Alice in Wonderland - the real one! I'm going to go look into my future career now.
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