Chris had been planning my birthday surprises for several weeks beforehand. I feel quite proud of myself for not being as nosy as I usually am and trying to figure it all out ahead of time! Things at work were going to be slow on Friday, so I just decided to take the day off. No work, no alarm clock, and a day full of surprises. I was pretty excited.

He came over around 9 (surprisingly, I was awake at 8!), and made me pancakes for breakfast and gave me my first gift - a heated jacket! It's technically a jacket made for skiers, but we all know that a degree below 80 turns me frigid. All I've got to do is charge the battery up, then plug in "into" my jacket via a hidden pocket. I have a remote control in another pocket, and I'm good to go for 6 hours! Totally stoked about it!

I got ready after that, and we headed to my parents' house, where my sister and nephews had arrived the day before. We spent a couple hours there, just playing around and talking, before Chris took me to the matinee showing of "Date Night" (review to come!). Theater was quiet and fairly empty, and it was certainly nice not having to pay $9.00 a ticket. He had told me that we needed about 2 hours free between the movie and dinner, but didn't tell me what for. So after we got out of the movies, he announced that he was allowing me to have a mini-shopping spree for new clothes. Now we're talking! 4 stores and 2 hours later, I hadn't found anything great enough to purchase, but he told me I could continue my endeavor the next day.

Then...on to dinner! There is never any discussion or question about what I want to have for my birthday dinner. Carrabba's every time. I order the same thing, fall in love all over again with the same thing, and always looking forward to going back for the same thing . However, Chris got swordfish, which I was able to try for the first time! Scrumptious! He mentioned to the waiter that it was my birthday when I wasn't paying attention, so we got to split a free dessert without the embarrassment of the birthday singing attached. Especially nice!

The following day, he had planned to drive me to Raleigh for an "all-sushi" restaurant experience, but we decided to stay in Fayetteville for sushi, due to time constraints. Then my parents took me out for birthday lunch on Sunday, as well. I pretty much gained 6lbs over the course of those meals....but it was absolutely worth it! Year I come!
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  1. Oh yay! Happy birthday, Amber! I'm glad that you had a GREAT weekend! I never get any special treatment for my birthday, so I have to admit that I was sorta jealous reading this post! You are one special lady! Love ya! :)

  2. Thanks, Kara! I did have quite a good day...but keep in mind, this is the first time he's done it in the 3 years we've been together. Your special treatment is coming! :)

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