I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Which is the same side I always get out of, so I'm convinced I never should have gotten out of bed to begin with.

I usually try to get up between 7:00 and 7:10, but I didn't hear the alarm at all this morning. I got up closer to 7:20. FAIL

I bought some scar bandages for my knees last night to try to obtain a look for summer that's a little less scary. You're supposed to keep them on for a minimum of 12 hours at a time, and throwing back the covers revealed that they had come off in the middle of the night. FAIL

I stepped on the scale to weigh myself. I gained. FAIL

I got out of the shower, brushed my teeth, and put foundation and mascara on. Then I proceeded to get dressed, unable to complete the task of closing my pants. Which is when I began to cry. Resulting in my mascara streaming down my face. FAIL

I go to the refrigerator to grab my new container of apple slices for breakfast. Only to find it's a combination of apples and grapes. FAIL

It's a chilly morning, and I turn the heat on low in my car as I start driving to work. Which is when my broken back window falls down and lets the cool morning air in. FAIL

I get to work late and think nobody notices. Get a call 5 minutes later from a professor, asking about my tardiness. FAIL

Lucky for's only 9:44am, or this list would be longer. Can I go back to bed, please??
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  1. Awe, Amber! I hope that your day only got better. Guess what?! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!! Maybe that will make you a little happier. :) Love ya!

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