I remember arguing in high school with someone about how I would never have a gun in my house. I found them to be dangerous, unnecessary, and unnerving to have in a house with children. Part of me still feels that way, I suppose. I know the old argument "Well you keep the guns locked up". Noooooo...those that keep them for safety will NOT lock them up, but keep them in a bedside drawer or within reach for security. I can't imagine someone hearing their house being broken into at night, and taking 5 minutes to stumble in the dark, looking for a key to a cabinet, to load a gun, to be prepared for an attacker. Unrealistic, right? So which is it....locked gun not used for safety? Or safety gun left unlocked? Once again...this rant has little to do with my post today! :)

For whatever reason, I have wanted to go shooting for the past few years. Blame the military town, starting to live on my own...I don't know. Just wanted to go to a shooting range and shoot a pistol. On Saturday, Chris told me that a couple at our church had asked our assistance with decorating the church for their vow renewal ceremony that day. So I got up early (for me...on a Saturday!), got ready, prepared my meals for the day, packed up the laptop for down-time, and prepared for a day of decorating and wedding fun! As we're nearing the church parking lot, I see that there is NO one there. And we're 20 minutes "late", so in my head, I'm getting mad that Chris got the time wrong, thinking I could have slept in an extra hour or so. But then he drives past the parking lot and says "Happy Birthday!". I shoot him the half dirty/half confused look and said "Huh? You got me up early for an early birthday present?" And despite his desire to keep it a "surprise" until we got there, I guessed that he was going to take me shooting, and he confirmed it.

He had borrowed a pistol from another woman in the church for me to shoot, and invited two other guys along - one to teach me how to shoot, and the other just for fun. I got more and more nervous as I got there. There were several men on the range, and it was ridiculously loud when I first walked in. But the hour flew by! I enjoyed it tremendously, learned a lot, and have the target paper for proof of my relatively good beginners' aim! Thanks for a fun early birthday present, babe! And was worth getting up "early" for!
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