I grew up thinking the people whose words were a big deal to others knew it. Like, you are somehow labeled as having words of gold that will either put someone in counseling in later years, or place someone on top of the world with your praises. There are a few "given" relationships where the power of a person's words are understood. A parent/child relationship, boss/employee, teacher/ get the picture. But it boggles my mind, even today, how a "normal" person's words can effect someone so much.

I don't care what everyone always says to me. If you disagree with me, it's not likely to scar the future of my thinking. And not everyone's praises stick with me. However, there are a few people I just "have" to have the approval of. And these people are not necessarily my parents (sorry mom and dad), or even my closest friends. Actually, they are people who probably don't even suspect I listen to them at all. But if they were to vocalize disapproval in something I had done, it would weigh heavily on my mind until I felt I had gained their approval back. And vice versa - their words of praise would mean more to me than is logical.

Which makes me wonder...why do I care more about what these people think than I do others? And even more troubling - does anyone feel this way about me?! I tend to be more careful with my words around the kids in my Bible class, or the boys I tutor - but surely no one else really cares what I think of them. Right??!! It's extremely difficult for me to imagine why any other adult would find my words to be more condemning, or more meaningful, than that of anyone else's. But I suppose it could happen. I do it to others.

Do you know the people you affect strongly with your words?
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