I never knew how difficult it would be to make friends as an adult. I still hold onto and cherish my friendships most from when I was in college. I've been fortunate enough to make several friends since then, but none that have been able to experience life with me as those girls did when I was 18. My priority then was making friends (grades came in close 2nd!). They saw every part of my life...every high and every low...whether I wanted them to or not. It was the nature of our living quarters. But I never thought that leaving college would result in a string of friendships that left me feeling like something's missing.

It's so difficult now to find a good *girl*friend. Unfortunately, I can't just meet someone and think "Wow...they would be really fun to hang out with!". My mind fills with other questions (allow me to interject futuristic thoughts, as well). Do we live close to each other? Do our work schedules allow us to spend time together? Does your spouse get along with my spouse? Do I find your children well-disciplined and a good influence on my children? Are your priorities in life the same as mine, so that I can look forward to being encouraged and held accountable when I get off track?

Chances are...if the answer to any of those questions is NO....then the friendship will neither become deep, nor last very long. As much as I may love being with a particular person....if her family life is completely different to that of my own, we're not likely to become very close. So for now, I'll settle for good friends, and good times....and wait patiently for that friend that fits just right. If Chris and I could ever end up in the same city as my sister and her family, she might just be that person for me...whether she thinks so or not. :)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    hmmm that sounds a lot like someone else I may know. . .myself lol!!!! The biggest lesson we learn in adulthood is how to settle lol, you get so good sometimes you don't realize you're even doing it!

  2. J.J. Says:

    I cherish my *girl*friends. I have them from many different places I have lived. In my adult lifetime I have had a hard time finding the kind of friendship you described. I have had it once and I miss it every minute of every day. One day, hopefully, we will get to be together again. Until then, I will enjoy my time with all of you!

  3. Amanda O Says:

    This is a constant struggle as a military dependant (both children and spouses, being both i can speak from experience). Through my journey in life i have found both, the life-long girlfriends AND those that just help pass the time. God blesses us with many different type of friends. We just have to make an effort to find them:) Love you Amber, doing a great job!

  4. Awww! You are so sweet! I know we would have fun if we were in the same city! Glad my family meets your qualifications for friendship!~ lol!

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