I pretty much hate giving people gifts.

It's a process where I probably expect more from the recipient than they do of me (the gift-giver). I will spend hours and hours roaming a store, wracking my brain, and bringing myself to the point of tears in trying to find something that is both meaningful and useful to this particular individual. Poor Chris will follow me around helplessly, trying to suggest things, attempting to encourage me along the way...but nothing helps. This is an annual cycle at Christmas, and happens occasionally during the year for someone's birthday. I don't feel creative enough to create something on my own, and I usually don't have the cash to get what I really want. So I stress. (Oh yeah...and cards alone are pathetic (for CLOSE friends, mind you), gift cards are thoughtless, and you always have to come up with something equivalent to what they gave you for your birthday).

And all I hope for is 2 things. First, that they will PRETEND to love it, even if they don't. Didn't your momma teach you anything? Smile, and say thank you! Saying thank you twice will make me feel even better...but I'll settle for once. And second...for goodness sake, put it to use at least once in front of me! I don't want to come to your house and see the gift I stressed about so long in getting you, added to your dust collector set! Give me a break! My thoughts don't count for I don't want to hear that, either.
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  1. Hey, I hate giving gifts AND getting gifts (I don't like opening things in front of people - makes me feel awkward). So, let's make a deal - let's never buy each other gifts! Then we don't have to worry about anything. :)

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