I had an awkward dream about my boss this week. He's a relatively new boss. We've been working together since January, resulting in the "still getting to know you" stage, where not all boundaries have been set. He often finds my "Out to Lunch" sign as an invitation to come into my office, even after knocking and getting no response. Which is why I feel I had this particular dream about him. In my dream, I was engaging in private matters, to which he felt no hesitation in interrupting and continuing to talk business with me. At one point in the dream, I was using the restroom, and he came and stood in the doorway and continued to talk to me while my pants were around my ankles. No awkwardness on his end. Just needed to talk business with me at that particular moment. Then again, I was taking a shower (not sure why I was doing this at work), and he continued to stand in the doorway once more, updating me on the plans for the week. Logically, it was just a dream. Sub-consciously, my boss has now seen me naked. I can assure you there was not much eye contact at work the following day!

But this got me thinking about dreams, in general. There have been multiple times I have had dreams about people that I haven't even spoken to in years. So why would I dream about them? And why do some dreams play with our emotions so bad? I woke up mad at Chris one day (I never told him why), because I dreamed we were having an engagement party, and when he was about to introduce me as his fiance, there were two of us. He was engaged to a friend of mine from OC, as well. And she seemed to know about me, and didn't mind...but I sure didn't know about her! And in my dream, the details of her life were the same. She had 2 kids (but no husband in my dream, obviously), looked the same, knew me from school...and this didn't seem to bother anyone else but me. So NATURALLY (sarcasm intended), I woke up feeling betrayed!

It kind of amuses me that other people may have dreams about me that I'll never know about. That people I haven't talked to in years wake up and wonder "Where did that come from?" I'm not one to take dreams seriously and don't feel as though there is a meaning for every dream I have. But I like the nice reminders in my sleep of people I have encountered in life. Not that I appreciate feeling awkward going to work the next day, as though my boss has violated my privacy in the night...but you get it. :)
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  1. Dreams are weird. And you know what's even weirder?!!! I had a dream about YOU last night (I dreamed you were pregnant!!!)! Haha, it's so strange that you mentioned wondering if anyone you haven't seen in a while had random dreams about you - and the night before I did!

  2. Awww...cute! Was I having a boy or a girl?

    Just for the record, I'm NOT pregnant, but I'm glad you dreamed about me! Love you!

  3. Sueanne Says:

    yeah... well I dreamed about you Sat night (in between not sleeping hardly at all) and I think I had a pregnancy theme going also. Had some of those residual feelings Sun morning about not feeling too happy with you and Chris. LOL.

  4. least you just proved my belief that dreams don't have real meaning in life!

    And, no, mom...I'm not pregnant! :)

  5. I beg to differ. I happen to believe that dreams - particularly recurring dreams - DO have a meaning. To the extent that there is something bothering your sub-conscious and you are trying to work it out in your sleep. Perhaps it is as simply as missing a friend or wondering where they are. Perhaps Kara knows how much you love kids and is anxious to share in your excitement when you DO become pregnant. If I have a recurring dream about a particular person I haven't talked to (or thought about!) in years - I WILL contact them and say whatever is on my heart and the dreams stop! Just some food for thought!

  6. Okay. I'll buy that. Now why is mom having dreams about me being pregnant??! :)

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