There comes a time in everyone's life where they say something they don't mean. And I get that. I surely have been there myself. But I often wonder why certain words will come out of a person's mouth, that you know were premeditated on. You hear the words, see the mouth moving, and yet the brain doesn't quite comprehend it all.

I find myself to have a relatively good memory....sometimes forgetting the small details, but usually able to recall general situations. However, there is a moment in time I don't believe my memory will ever let go of. The words that came out of that person's mouth, directed to me, will never be forgotten.

I had been dating this guy for 3 months. I was head over heels for him, and even though it was a slightly long-distance relationship, I thought things were moving along quite well. Had emails telling me how much I was missed and attempting to find the next available weekend we could see each other. Then one happened. He got a case of mouth vomit.

Peacefully asleep one night, I get a phone call after 1 o'clock in the morning. He couldn't sleep....too much on his mind. Had a final exam to study for, but he wasn't able to focus until he told me something. I sat up in bed, trying to wake up enough to prep myself for easing this burden on his shoulders. I wanted to listen, help him clear his head, so he could adequately prepare himself for the exam the next day. I mean...this is a man I was falling or night, I was ready to be there for him!

Then I heard it. 14 words that have never left my memory since. He said, ever so distraught, "I'm afraid I'll wake up one morning and not be attracted to you anymore." Huh? I'm sorry?

Mouth vomit. Easier to handle when you see it coming, harder to process when it comes up unexpectedly. Needless to say...the relationship ended quite quickly after that. And that phrase has both been the butt of many of my jokes, as well as the source of several of my insecurities since then. I've looked at Chris before and randomly asked "Are you afraid you'll wake up one morning and not be attracted to me anymore?" And, thankfully, I got a confused and partially offended look in return, with the comforting words "No, of course not. Why would you ask me something like that?"

So before you open your mouth, make sure you don't have a case of mouth vomit. People will never forget it if you do.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gotta love a good case of word vomit!!!! I completely understand what you're talking about!?!

  2. Samantha Says:

    This thought was weighing so heavily on his little mind that he had to wake you up at 1am to share? Thank God he came out with that one. Aghh. He sounds like one of those....... "monogamy isn't in my genetic makeup" kind of guys. How do you even respond to that?

  3. You respond v..e...r...y s...l...oooooowwwwww...l...y, so as not to lose your cool and contemplate breaking one of the ten commandments. :D

    Then you smile, while reminding yourself of the many things about him that you never thought appropriate to bring to his attention, for fear of deflating his big ego.

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