Alright. Let's set the record straight. Being a PK (aka preacher's kid) does not come with a specific and separate lists of tasks and expectations from God. Believe it or not, I was not born with my own set of commandments.
  • Thou shalt not miss church service under any circumstance.
  • Thou shall commit 20 hours every week to the church (in addition to church service).
  • Thou shall be present at every fellowship meal, ladies' event, devotional, and scheduled community service event.
  • Thou shall sit by thy father and mother during every worship service.
  • Thou shall be responsible for meeting every visitor that walketh through the door.
Yadda yadda yadda! My parents have not required me to do ANYTHING with the church since I moved out of their house 9 years ago. I do not attend Helen Street because I have to. I do it because I want to. I do not attend my dad's Bible classes because he makes me. I like them. Hard to believe for some, I find my father to be a wonderful minister and teacher, and with the freedom to choose any church I want to attend....I STILL choose to listen to my father preach on a weekly basis. I SIT by my mother and father in the front of the auditorium because I can't handle sitting behind disrespectful and loud children, distracting me from getting what I came there for. Knowledge. And wisdom. And whatever encouragement I can get.

It ruffles my feathers every time I hear someone say "Yeah, but she's the preacher's daughter." AND??? What does that even mean??? If you are feeling guilty about your lack of involvement in the church, trying to reason with yourself - make sure you understand that God does not expect less of you because your father isn't paid by the church.

PK. It's who I am. Not the reason for the things I do.
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  1. LOL. Rough Sunday? And I'll make it a point to sit with my disrespectful and loud children at least one pew behind you when we visit! :D

  2. long as I can say something to the child on the same row as me when they're being distracting...I'm okay with it!

  3. Alan Smith Says:

    Aww! That was sweet (and I thought the reason you attend my class is because you don't like climbing the stairs). It makes me proud to be a PKF (preacher's kid's father)!

  4. Alan Smith Says:

    You forgot one more commandment -- Thou shalt not throw pencils at students in your Bible class!

  5. HA! Actually, you're right dad. I don't want to climb the stairs. I forgot about that.

    And I DEFINITELY don't remember being told about the pencil throwing commandment....oops...

  6. jj.psalm.51 Says:

    Being a PK myself, I feel your 'pain'. I don't do the things I do, or live the way I live because of my Dad's occupation. I do the things I do and live the way I live because of his and my mom's example. If my Dad was 'just' a policeman I would still have the same loving, caring, God fearing example. Fact of the matter, we are all called to be preachers in the world! That's all I'm gonna say about that...for now anyway ;)

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