Odd name for a blog. Maybe. But hear my logic.

I've known a lot of people that don't like sushi. Not because they've tried it. But because the idea of consuming something raw just doesn't sit well with them. And I, myself, couldn't bring myself to stomach the idea of placing a log of subjective edibles in my mouth.

Until this past Thanksgiving. When I was peer-pressured into giving it a try. Didn't care for the first 4 types I put in my mouth. But the 5th one....awesome! So awesome....that I now crave it enough to buy it pre-made at a local grocery store. Which can be sketchy.

That brings me to this blog. In writing posts for my last blog, my facebook statuses, and in my conversations....I find they're scripted (for lack of a better word). I say what I feel I should, what will offend the least number of people, and will represent me (or the person/people I'm with) in the best light possible. My true thoughts don't always come to surface. I'm afraid people will judge the rawness of my thoughts and refuse to give me a chance.

But I'm ready to be sushi. I want to write my thoughts without going back through and deleting half my post for fear of judgment. I want to express my raw feelings about things, without making sure the wording is just right. And I realize that some people might not know what to think. They may not be ready to acknowledge how refreshing the rawness can be. But I'm ready to deal with that. Sushi is good.

So give it a try. Let me know what you think.
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  1. we may not care for the first 4 blogs, but I expect the 5th one to be awesome...

  2. ha! the peanut gallery is here!

    i'll make sure the 5th "bite" is juicy for ya!

  3. Alan Smith Says:

    Amber, why don't you just admit that the reason your blog is about sushi is because this is the coolest background you could find and you had to make up a story to explain why you used it? LOL

  4. It IS pretty cool, isn't it? :)

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