It's quite different living in a house by myself, rather than an apartment or mother-in-law suite. I'm a bit more jumpy at night. Sleep hasn't come the easiest....and for the first time (ever?)....I'm waking myself up in the middle of the night, convinced I heard something outside. Mind you....I NEVER wake up in the middle of the night....not even to pee! So suddenly waking up at 3:30am for nothing other than my obvious paranoia hasn't been too great for my energy levels lately. This morning it was 6:00am. Thought I heard out of bed to look out windows and check around the house. But there was nothing. I wonder how long this is going to last.

On the humorous side...the longer I live in this house, the more I'm convinced it's an old funhouse. Chris and I have been working on the kitchen the past week or so, and have found that the kitchen floor slightly slopes down to the center of the floor. So the refrigerator can't be placed straight against the wall, and the cabinet doors on the kitchen hutch won't stay closed, due to the forward tilt of the structure. All appliances will have to be rigged for proper usage. Fun, fun!

And to make living in my house even MORE fun....we have to schedule our potty breaks at least an hour apart, as the water pressure is currently not great enough to handle two flushes in a row. Yay! Who wants to come visit???
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  1. hahahhaha! I will. But I call the toilet first!

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