I'm one of those people who has always been too afraid to call into a radio station for any reason. Prizes and giveaways included. But last week, one of the radio stations I listen to announced that they were giving away a $500 cash card to the 105th caller. No questions, no games, no trivia to get just have to call. So I began calling! No luck the first day. Just busy signals and an annoying beeping sound telling me that all circuits are busy and my call cannot be completed at this time.

Then I recruited Chris in on the calling spree. Me from work, and him on the cell. They are doing this 3x a day....for at least the next week. Chris calls on Friday and gets the 100th caller. So close!! This morning I call and am the 10th caller, but am never able to get through again. And just now....attempting to win for the 3rd time today....I was the 101th caller. Ugh! My heart started pounding and I had already spent the money when I heard her say "You're caller one hundred and..."

Let down. I will win. I will accept a gradual step up in the call line everyday (102, 103, etc.), so that by Friday, I'll be on the radio for the first time accepting a $500 cash card. :)
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