I had to wait a few days to write this post, as I didn't want to the treadmill to have the last word!

It seems my mind is a lot more progressed in my physical ability than my muscles are. I've been dieting for a month now (up to 15lbs. lost now), but got stuck at a plateau. So I decided it was time to bring in the exercise. I got revved up, came home during my lunch hour at work, taped my 30-minute fat-burning workout plan to the treadmill, and started her up!! I began with a 5 minute warm up, before the instructions told me to increase to a level 8-9 speed for "1 minute of intensity". I was set on what speed I needed to go to be "intense". I was ready for it! So I punched up the arrow button to increase my pace. Whew! I was flying! Figuratively at first...then literally.

I walked for about 45 of the 60 seconds before I realized this was wayyyy too fast for my legs to keep up with. I started to panic, knowing that I was quickly losing the ability to keep up with the belt. And when I let go of the side of the treadmill to decrease my speed, I lost my footing all together and got swept off my feet into a pile on the floor, at the end of the treadmill. Unfortunately, I lost the safety key during the move, so I had a magnet in the safety key spot to be able to start up the belt. Which means, when I was flown to the floor at the end of the belt, the belt continued to run and create a nice line of burn down the back of my neck and back.

Chris happened to be painting in the kitchen and ran in to shut the treadmill off. I was bleeding and hurting pretty bad, and found that I had skinned both my knees, my elbow....and nicely bruised another part of my leg. Well....a 6 minute workout on the first day isn't so bad, is it? :)

Luckily...I hurt myself a lot. So I got back on for another try the next day. Success! No treadmill is gonna keep me from reaching my wedding goal weight. :) I've just learned to increase the incline, rather than the speed. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll be able to get up to the speed I was prepared to start out with!
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  1. Julie Says:

    Oh Amber, I was laughing until I read how injured you actually were. How awful. Don't get me wrong, it's still funny, but I'm sorry the treadmill beat you up so badly!

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