It's.....registration day! Yay! The best part! Where you get to ask other people to spend money on you, rather than having to spend the money yourself! Exciting! We'll be keeping it pretty safe and hitting Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Typical, I know. Pretty sure Pier One and Macy's won't get looked at as much, and I sure don't want to get my hopes up on any items there! Although we're still joking (being serious?) about registering at Lowe's. If anyone is up for buying us a toilet or a portable dishwasher....just let me know!

My new(est) boss stopped by yesterday to sign his travel authorization form for an $8,000 trip to Sydney. $599/night for the hotel. Wow. I'm working on trying to convince him of the major benefits in taking me along. Like carrying his luggage for him (as long as it's not too hea
vy), making restaurant reservations on his behalf (that include me), and planning out sight-seeing adventures for his free time (I'm sure he'd love to hold a koala!!). Yes...I think I can do it. There's got to be SOME perks to working for a ridiculously overpaid 35-year old, right?

He asked me if I watched South Park yesterday. When I told him "no", he proceeded to repeat several lines of his favorite episode in high-pitched voices. Which inevitably resulted in me giving him a look of amusement/confusion/pure ridicule, while informing him of my surprise in his choice of spare time activities. He informed me that South Park was created by an economist. Righ
t. Thanks. Now that makes perfect sense. *rolls eyes* Good news is he's not coming until August 9th (I thought he would be here for good on Monday). So I have this weekend to focus on wedding registry, next week to focus on VBS, and less than 2 weeks trying to figure him out before I take off to get engagement pictures done and a week (plus some) long trip to Holland. August should be fun. :)
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