I played hookie this week. I couldn't help it. I woke up Monday morning, and was truly stressed, tired, and overwhelmed with stuff that needed to be done. So I called in sick. Or emailed in sick. Same thing. :)

I had gotten my water bill the day before. My budgeted $20 water bill was an outrageous $258. Problem with the pipes? I think so! I called the water company and then my landlord and found out that the main pipe under the house had busted and water has been running constantly for several weeks now. Awesome. Landlord fixed the pipe, and the water company reduced my bill. But not down to unrealistic hope of $20. Blah.

The majority of the day, though, was spent finishing the house! I just wanted the house done, floors cleaned, and open for company. Which Chris and I were able to accomplish, finally! My once over-crammed box of a house suddenly feels empty, now that boxes are unpacked, items are put away, and unnecessary clutter is thrown out. But at least it's clean!

Tuesday I went to work, and my lingering treadmill wound began to burn and itch extremely bad underneath the bandage. When I took the bandage off, my knee was slightly swollen and covered in bright red bumps. Slightly worried, I told one of my bosses about it. That boss looked at it, and suggested I go to a clinic during my lunch break, fearing it might be a staff infection. So I went to my other boss, explained the situation, and was told that if I decided to go to the doctor, not to worry about coming back.

Well....I didn't think it was an infection. So I worked through lunch until 3, then went home and went to bed. :) Money well-saved! I've been putting rash cream on it for the past few days, and it's clearing up nicely. Comically, it's a prescription cream, so there were no questions asked the following day about my doctor visit! If only they had checked out the label...
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  1. Teresa Barten Says:

    Safe to assume your bosses dont follow your blog. You played hookie twice in one week? Im so proud, I never have the courage to do that!!!

  2. I want pictures of the finished house!!!

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