I know you all are as eager as I am (or so I'll pretend!) to hear about my weekly weigh-ins!
Week 4's weight loss is: -3.4lbs.
1st month total loss: -9.8lbs.
If I were reading this information on someone else's blog, I'd think "Wow...that's awesome! She's doing great." But when I'm stressing out over every meal, snack, drink, and hour of the day - it's exhausting! Last night I was frustrated with myself for splurging on 3 rice cakes instead of only eating the serving size of 2, and drinking only 6 glasses of water instead of 8. Ridiculous? Yes. I'll be honest and admit when I know I sound totally stupid about sweating the small stuff. But needing to lose 80lbs - it's going to take me at least 7 more months! Whew, that's a long time to think about.
What encourages me most, though, is thinking at the end of the week how many places I ate out during the week - and was still able to lose weight. Let me list last week's restaurants:
  • Subway - twice
  • Luigi's
  • Panera bread
  • Jason's Deli - twice?
  • Chili's
  • Ruby Tuesdays

And let's not forget the trip to the ice cream truck with my nephew on Saturday! :)

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  1. Alyson Says:

    Way to go you! I'm also working on losing weight and it's HARD! But doing a lot of hard work now will train you to think about every bite you put in your mouth, and once you lose the weight it will be easier to maintain. So keep at it! It's worth it to be healthy, and the harder you work at it, the prouder (prouder?) you'll be when you ACCOMPLISH it!

  2. Thanks, Alyson! I'm REALLY hoping that once I get to my goal weight, I do keep all this hard work at the front of my mind! I can do it (and so can you!)

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