I had the pleasure of hosting (what I think to be) Eric's first sleepover! Jordan, an amazing catch even at the age of 3, stayed with Chris and me Saturday night, so that her parents could attend a Christian concert that night.
Eric was smitten. The afternoon began with a trip to the movies to see Tangled in 3D. Both kids did great sitting through the movie, only insisting on a single potty trip throughout the time we were there. Neither child got a nap during the day, as is usual in their routine, so I expected some whiny moments throughout the evening. But they never came! These two new friends played very well fighting or arguing all night! Jordan's mom wanted us to take her out to see the moon (as it was supposed to be the "biggest" moon in 18 years!), so Chris grabbed a rug out of the house, and set them up outside to enjoy the view.

Jordan is telling Eric about the "big bright light" in the sky...

I love Jordan's pose!

Thankfully, the two of them fell asleep pretty quickly after being put to bed on Saturday night. They look well-rested! (Notice their matching blankies - Eric's green and Jordan's pink)

Ready for church!

After church, we all went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. This is the conversation that ensued in the backseat on the way there. (He calls her "Jornan" instead of Jordan.)

Eric: Jornan. Jornan. Jornan. Jornan.

Jordan: I'm playing a game.

Eric: Jornan. Jornan. Jornan. Jornan.

Jordan: I said I'm PLAYING a game!

Eric: Jornan. Jornan. Jornan.....I just want to talk...

Despite this small conflict in the car, Eric (as every gentleman should) held Jordan's hand through the parking lot, to keep her safe from getting hit by a car. He convinced both me and her parents to let her come back to our house for the afternoon, where they both played away the day as I took a nap.

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  1. Julie Says:

    Those moon and ready for church pictures are the cutest things!

  2. Abs Says:

    that is completely precious.

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