I spent a ridiculous amount of time last week creating a fun dessert, just because. I saw the idea, and couldn't wait to try it out myself! We had a church camera scavenger hunt for adults planned for Saturday, and it was the only good excuse I had to make 2 dozen of these awesome burgers for other people.

Baking the "burgers" (made out of cupcakes, brownies, frosting, and sesame seeds) and "fries" (made out of sugar cookies) was nothing compared to the time it took for me to make the boxes and McD's fry holder! Ugh! Hours and hours of cutting, folding, and gluing....I felt like quitting way before I even got to the baking process! I started on Wednesday and working on it in-between work projects and tutoring. I did most of the baking in 2 hours (uses all mixes, of course!). The hardest part was getting the brownie circles to come out cleanly (oops - forgot to spray the pan!)

Overall, it was totally worth the effort. I thought they turned out great, and everybody seemed to loved them. I've even been asked to do these for a church event in May! I'm going to stash this idea away for my kid's kindergarten birthday party someday... :)

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  1. Alyson Says:

    LOVE them. If you do them again, I want a picture tutorial because I might just need to make those some day!

  2. Well I definitely can't take the credit....I followed the instructions to a "T" from this other blog -

    Obviously, it wasn't father's day, so I just decided to go with McD's. I can't wait to try some of her other recipes!

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