I was excited to get to have my nephew, Eric, spend his first weekend with Chris and me! I've had a blast, and have attempted to document our activities thus far. Anything that his mom would not normally let him due usually makes my list of events.

We started off the day doing our hair. He was "warming his hair".

Chris's antique cars were a hit, and Eric enjoyed playing with them throughout the day.

At one point, Eric saw this hat on our shelf and put it on, telling me throughout the day that it was his birthday.

Although, I didn't help by bringing home cake from a baby shower and singing "Happy Birthday" to him. The cake brought him both amusement and concern for his cleanliness.

We finished off the day with a haircut ("It didn't hurt, momma"!) and a healthy snack of rice cakes! :)

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  1. Julie Says:

    What fun! LOVED his giggling during the cake eating.

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