Secretary's Day is comparable to Valentine's Day in the life of secretaries.

You get your hopes up, excited....ready to be showered with love and appreciation in the form of cards, gifts, or food (my fave!). The morning of, you wake up bright and cheery, ready to do anything for anyone with a smile on your face, so that their appreciation for you will be doubled by the single act of sending a fax on their behalf. Although simple "thank you"s are rare throughout the other 364 days of the year, it's on THIS day that you forgive and forget their inability to show appreciation on any other day, as they redeem themselves with gift cards to your favorite store, a box of chocolates to indulge in, or a special lunch of your choice. All the complaints you have about the people you work with disappear, as a solid 8 hours of pure workplace bliss takes its place. There's nothing better than knowing that the individuals you become an operator, answering machine, giver of excuses, ultimate organizer, expert googler, flawless typer, miracle worker, graphic designer, and calendar guru for - truly recognize and appreciate all you do.

But wait. Just like any other day - it comes and goes. No cards. No flowers. No chocolate. Not even a "thank you". It's the ultimate Valentine's Day gone bad. You sit at your desk, googling (after all - you are an expert at it!) Secretary's Day 2011, just to make sure you got the date right. And you did. But no one else seems to notice. And if you DO have the guts to mention it - there's an awkward moment of surprise as they say they didn't know. The awkward moment continues as they nervously chuckle....tell you when they "thought" it was....and find a reason to leave your office as quickly as possible, leaving behind the 125 copies you just finished stapling for them.

Don't worry - although Secretary's Day was yesterday, Secretary's Appreciation Week goes until Saturday. You still have time. Go appreciate your secretary. Go do it. Do it. Go. NOW.
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