I'm pretty sure it was because I was exhausted. Almost certain that's why this was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in yeeearrrsss! My belly was hurting, and tears were coming out. I just couldn't stop! Oddly, though - I was alone in my laughter. Usually someone else finds the same thing funny, or my uncontrollable laughter gets them going a bit. But not last night. Chris didn't find it funny. Not at alllllllll....

I had just crawled into bed, and Chris was double-checking the locks on the doors. I hear him say "You've got to be kidding me!" and wait for him to come to the bedroom to ask what's wrong. He walks in, holding this:

I know instantly what it means. And I just lose it!

(A quick refresher - we live in a small house, where the keys are apparently as old as the house itself. Built in 1950, both doors have double-sided key locks.)

As he was locking the front door, the key broke in half. With the top part in his hand, and the bottom half still in the lock. That wouldn't be such a big deal, since we have 2 doors....but our second door doesn't have a working door handle on the inside. So anytime we want to go through the kitchen door, we have to go outside the front door and walk around the house to come in from the outside. But now we can't get out the front door. And we can't get out the second door.

Typically, we would end up calling the person with the spare key to our house to come get us out. Which would be my parents. But I had to take it back from them the last time I got locked inside the house. Now we're REALLY stuck! Chris's tools were outside. I couldn't stop laughing! The comedy of the situation combined with my exhaustion sent my body into spazmastic laughter. I couldn't breathe! Locked inside - no tools - no spare key - almost midnight. Awesome. Chris left me to my insane perspective on the situation and went back into the living room to try and get the other half of the key out. See it in there? No? Well that's how far in there it was!!
Chris begins by grabbing a pair of tweezers to try and pull the key out. It doesn't budge. I eventually stop laughing and get up to try and help him. I decide that (after taking pictures, of course!) it might work better with two steak knives, one of each side of the key. So I work for a few minutes with steak knives, trying to wiggle the key out of there. No luck.

Then I have a brilliant idea! Why not just try to unlock the door while the key is still in there, rather than taking it out? Several attempts with the tweezers, and I was able to unlock the door. Yay! We're out! Then Chris is able to go outside and get his tools. Where he then attempts to use his handy-dandy, brand-new pliers to pull the key out.

Nope....doesn't work. So he decides to just take the whole shebang off the door. At that point, I decided to go back to bed. I could rest easy now, knowing that I didn't have to call out of work for the second time this year, simply because I was locked inside my house!
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  1. Julie Says:

    I told this story the other night at the dinner table. If it makes you (or Chris) feel any better, we all laughed hysterically! :)

  2. All I could think is ONLY you! I think it MIGHT be time to update your doorknobs, don'tcha think? ;)

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