It only took me 10 months of being in a house to put up frames with personal photos on the wall. Don't get me wrong - I put the frames up a long time ago! I suppose I thought frames with ANY pictures in it would make it more home-y. They simply had photos of my distant relatives from Kohl's, Wal-mart, and Target in them. Farewell, cute kids without a name. You will be sorely missed...

My parents inspired me to finally do something with my frames by giving me a canvas of one of our wedding photos for my birthday. We decided to put it on the red wall! Not the clearest shot of it - but just to give you an idea:

I took letters from my scrapbooking collection and put the following collage together. I love how it turned out!

The next one I'm most proud of. I had pictures left over that I didn't know what to do with. We had a frame with a characature drawing in it that I didn't really care to hang on the walls, so I took it out and got creative. Based on the comments we got from some of our engagement'll see! :)

All in one night! I'm so proud of myself! We now have walls of OUR photos! Come see our homey home sometime! :)
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  1. Tina Says:

    this is wonderful! you really did a great job, I love them all! Congrats :)

    p.s. I also loved the part with "distant relatives from wal-mart". hilarious!

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