Monday was an exciting day at work. Well...exciting might not be the right word. Eventful is more accurate.

The clock hits 5:00, and I'm starting to close 'er down. I'm organizing papers on my desk, putting items in my purse to take home, wiggling my feet back into my shoes....when I then decide to close my work email, and shut my computer down. But wait. I have a new email! I'm one of those people that can't leave work without making sure every email of the day has been taken care of. Although it's 5:01 now....I gotta see what it is.

"This is a message from the FSU emergency notification system...... FSU officials received information that a non-Fayetteville State University student has made threats to come to the campus at approximately 5 p.m. to shoot unnamed individuals."

I'm sorry? You send me an email at 5:01pm, telling me that an individual is going to shoot people at my workplace at approximately 5:00pm? Don't you think the email should have gone say....4:59pm? At least give us a minute to run!

So then I think....*cue music*....."should I stay or should I go"? The emails continues, politely informing us that this individual is known to "frequent" the student center and University apartments. (Does some calculating in head) So if I walk at 3.287 miles/hour from my building to my car, which is exactly .057 miles away from the front door....he would have to cross my path within the same 63 seconds it will take for me to get from one safety point to another. So my chances of being shot in doing so are.....

Eh...needless to say...I took my chances. I made it to my car safely, without witnessing any "suspicious activity" thanks to you, FSU!! If I left my safety up to you, I could have been shot a mere 30 seconds before I got the email, warning me of the danger!

Thank goodness for my amazing mental calculating skills...
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