Week 3 weigh-in: -2.4lbs
3 week total loss: -6.2lbs

Poor Colleen hurt her back pretty bad and hasn't been able to go to the gym lately, putting her at a stand still with her weight loss. But I know once she gets back in the gym, she'll do great!

I think I'm going to try to take a vacation day this week to clean my house. That's sad. I haven't been home long enough to run a load of laundry the past week and a half, and I can't handle another week of waking up to dishes in the sink anymore. Chris has been doing what housework he can, when he can....but I'm in need of a serious toilet-scrubbin', floor moppin', dish washin', laundry loadin' day! I know if I leave it until the weekend again, my time will get quickly spent hanging out with my nephews while they're here, or committing myself to other people.

On a side note - I love smacktalk when it comes to "friendly" competitions!! I am SO excited about the upcoming camera scavenger hunt at church, and am FULLY confident that my team will come out on top. We're in full swing preparation mode, and the 19th can't come soon enough! Thank you for all the team members who have donated $10 towards our winning prize! We greatly appreciate it. :)
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