I have a hot pepporoni pizza sitting on my desk right now, and I'm not even tempted to eat a piece.

(Despite the fact that someone asked me if I was pregnant this morning.)

Usually that type of question sends me into an eating frenzy. But I found it funny and sad today. No biggie. My goal is to not look pregnant...right?

Chris got even BETTER news yesterday concerning work. He found out (at the end of the day) that yesterday was his last day at his current job. Which sucks, being given such short notice. But it was just in time for him to be given yet ANOTHER job (not the one doing the 6-month construction) that wants to hire someone on permanently. He went in for the interview this morning and was successful at getting hired on for Monday. If this position leads to a permanent position, he will not only get paid more/hour, but will have plenty of opportunity for overtime. I'm so excited! He has been amazing these past few months with the jobs he's been given, and it's really starting to pay off!
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  1. Alyson Says:

    People are pretty liberal with their pregnant questions. I was asked if I was pregnant waaaaaay back when I was skinny. And after I had kids... well apparently I STILL look pregnant. Ugh. No biggie.

  2. I guess I figured at the ripe age of 50 (which this woman was), you would have learned time and time again NEVER to ask that question to someone's face. Unless their 8 months along and there's absolutely no doubt...

  3. I've been asked that, too! People are weird.

    I'm so glad that you and Chris have been so blessed!!! How great to have such a blessed first couple months of marriage.

    I love it when you blog. Just thought I'd tell you that.

  4. Katrina Says:

    YAY!!! You guys have been patient and I'm glad things are working out for you! I also LOVE the new look of the blog...very pretty!

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