Thanksgiving this year was quite a treat! Chris and I originally planned to spend Thanksgiving at his parent's house this year. However, since we had to be there for their surprise 45th anniversary party last weekend, we didn't/couldn't make the drive back again for Thanksgiving. So when we were given an invitation to join our family friends Jim and Judy Liby at a ski resort in Virginia, we jumped on board! The Liby's own a timeshare at the resort, and had 2 units available for the entire week. Instead of taking a unit of their own and having us share with Judy's sister and her husband, they gave US our own unit!

We arrived on Wednesday night to find that they had gone in before we got there and left us a surprise!!

Not only that, but we got roses and chocolate candy on our pillows, as well. It was the honeymoon package we were too poor to afford on our cruise! :)

The following 4 days were filled with complete nothingness. Which was uh-mazing! Sleep until whenever, eat whenever, curl up on the sofa and watch movies whenever! The weather was beautiful, the scenery was beautiful, and it was all so peaceful and relaxing. We did get out every now and then to enjoy the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Mountains...

And the night before Black Friday, Chris and I decided to join Judy in her shopping goals for the night. It was my first time out, and I quite enjoyed myself! Probably because I didn't have the stress of trying to find and get a particular item on time! I was completely shocked at the large amount of people at Kohl's. The picture below does it no justice! There was an "official" line on the left that went back as far as I could see. Then there was a huge crowd to the right, and a big crowd where in the parking lot where we were. I was shocked that they were counting the number of people going into their store for fire code safety!

Last day in Virginia, I found my dream house! If anyone wants to loan me the money for the deposit, hit me up!

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