Oh how I love new adventures!

Our congregation sent a team of 4 to Zimbabwe 2 years ago to assist with a local school, hospital, and congregation. Next year, they are going again....but decided to expand the team. Chris and I have discussed wanting to do mission work together....we just never thought the opportunity would come so soon! Luckily, we didn't have much competition. They were looking for 8 additional team members, and only 8 people applied! So two weeks ago, we had our first training session together. I'm ecstactic to be a part of this group!

We'll be going to Zimbabwe either in July or the September/October time frame for approximately 10 days. I'll more than likely be working in the school, and Chris will be doing some handyman work. We have the task of raising $6,000 as a couple to fulfill the work over there....and I know we can do it with the help and prayers of friends and family!

This post isn't meant as a form of fund-raising, but if you have the desire to support our trip financially...leave a note, and I'll get you the information necessary. :)
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