Day 1 wasn't the best start to our honeymoon. We bought tickets for a 6am flight to Miami on Monday morning - from Raleigh. Keep in mind we got married in Tennessee. So after our wedding dinner, we headed back to the cabin to change clothes and pack up the car. Before we got on the road, I had to stop at Wal-mart and get a swimsuit for the honeymoon. Then we had to drop off the wedding dress with my parents. So we got on the road about 11pm. And it's a 6 hour drive. Perfect! We'll get there at 5am - noooooooo problem-o!

Except. Except we have to park way out yonder to save money. And catch a shuttle bus who can't take the emergency brake off, yet continues to drive with it on. Which causes the bus starts smoking. And when we get dropped off and check in, our baggage is 8lbs. over. Which means we have to put 8lbs. in our carry-on luggage. And when we finally get it taken care of, it's 1 minute too late. We're 1 minute past the check-in time. Which means the guy behind the ticket counter won't let us finish the process. Or says he can't rather. And There's another flight, but it'll cost us. Another $100.

This is where the money for my hair comes to good use. A female manager is standing at the next computer. She looks at my hair and asks if we are on our honeymoon. When we tell her yes....we're trying to be....she says she'll take care of us. She gets us on all new flights, waives the fees, and calls someone to make sure we get to sit together. Thank you!

We get through security, grab a bite to eat for breakfast, and are off! As we are getting off our first leg of the flight in Atlanta, one of the stewards tells me my hair is beautiful and asks if we're headed to a wedding. When we tell him we just got married, he says "You should have said something! Hold on a second!". So we move out of everyone else's way, and I joke with him. "Do we get a free glass of champagne for having just gotten married?". The steward comes back with a full bottle of champagne for us to take with us. No way! Thank you, hair!

The second leg of the flight goes smoothly, and I sleep the whole way. Arriving in Miami, we looked for the cheapest way to get to port. We had heard the taxis were pretty expensive, and the Cruiseline shuttles were even MORE expensive. We couldn't find any information about Miami's free mass transit, so we gave up and headed outside to a taxi. On our way out the door, we got stopped by a man, asking if we were needing a ride to the port. I was hesitant to answer him, afraid we were about to get talked into something we were not at all interested in. But Chris answered him, and he told us that he could take us there for $10/each. There's no way. That's too cheap. What's the catch? No catch! We joined a couple other families on a small shuttle bus, and headed to port. The driver was a great tour guide, making us laugh the whole way there.

As we went to board the ship, we got stopped after our bag was x-rayed. They pull out the bottle of champagne. "You can't take this on the ship with you." Welp - there's goes one of our wedding gifts! They did let us check the bottle in, and told us we could pick it up on disembarkation day. No big deal - thought it was kind of funny that the one free thing we got ended up being taken away from us. Oh well!

We were pretty much starving when we got on the ship, and our room wasn't ready, so we headed for the only open lunch buffet. That was a mistake. Since there was really no one else to go, that's where EVERYONE was that had boarded the ship. It was insanely crowded and I couldn't imagine how a cruise could be at all relaxing when you have to push and shove to get your meals. Exhaustion and frustration set in, and 5 minutes after getting our lunch and sitting down, I was ready to get out and see if our room was ready. Thankfully, it was!

We changed clothes and settled down on our balcony. So nice! We were reading over our cruise booklet and food information when our next-door neighbors, Matt and Liz, leaned over their balcony railing and introduced themselves to us. They also had just gotten married over the weekend and were on their honeymoon. We talked for a while and decided to invite them to dinner with us. The four of us chose one of the sit-down restaurants to eat at (no pushing or shoving!), and ordered up! I'm pretty sure that night, Chris ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert. Although, in his favor, the portions WERE a lot smaller than we're accustomed to! But it was all really good!

(I've written 3 different sentences now on how the night ended with an early bedtime due to exhaustion from the day. But knowing I'll receive sarcastic remarks no matter what I write, I'm choosing not to include any closing to the day at all)
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