faith4jesus247 is passing me by, all because I haven't had time to blog about the rest of my honeymoon. Let me sum up the rest of the week for you. We ate a lot....laid on the beach...bought some souvenirs...attended comedy shows at sunburned....did what honeymooners do best....and caught our flight back to NC. There. Now you know it all. :)

What I have WANTED to post about is how wonderful my new husband is! I asked him to bring me breakfast in bed one Saturday morning, and he went all out! I expected pancakes and milk....but I never expected this!

1 fried egg, 2 bananas drizzled in honey (1 rolled in chocolate shavings, the other in almonds), 4 pieces of french toast with strawberry jam and powdered sugar, and a plateful of bacon. Unreal!!

It was uh-mazing. And no...I couldn't eat it all!
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  1. Julie Says:

    Sorry but I need a bit more detail one particular thing......................what souvenirs did you buy?! ;)

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