Wow - if I knew writing about extroverts would increase my blog hits by 350% - I wouldn't have spent so much time writing about the boring things - like my travel experience and life!

I'm not quite sure how so many people are coming across my extrovert blog - but let me assure you that it was not written with the intent of being taken seriously. As you may notice - I have a whopping 16 followers - only 1 of which I don't know personally. I don't write for the public - (though if I could get paid to sit at home and unintentionally offend people I don't know simply by joking around, I totally would). It was written as an inside joke for my immediate family and close circle of friends (and was well-received, I might add). There was obviously no research or science that went into those 10 lines of extemporaneous comedy.

So to those who find me rude and insensitive, I deeply apologize.

I'm only rude sometimes. And never at the same time I'm insensitive.

Never would I deliberately make a stranger the target of my satirical rant!
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  1. Unknown Says:

    Ha ha ha! I love that people took that seriously. Actually, I posted an article on Facebook recently that was kind of a tongue-in-cheek article about breast feeding. The *point* was that people who censor public breast feeding are annoying, but it came from a sarcastic point of view that nobody wants to see breast feeding. Anyway, it was really funny but one person took it seriously and thought that this lady was really against breast feeding. Poor people without a sense of humor!

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