We got to see a baby being born. Front row seats. With encouragement from the doctor to help deliver it.

" thank you. I work at a desk. Behind a computer. Far, far away from any gynecologist's office. In fact, I've only been to the gynecologist twice in my life. I really don't know how this works. What's about to happen again?"

I pushed my husband in front of me, so the doctor would focus on him. Should we at least ask the mother her name? Maybe shake her hand before we stand at the opposite end of her bed? Oh how this would never happen in America...

According to the doctor, she was in full, active labor. We were encouraged to take a look at the baby's head, as it began to crown. But the mother wasn't screaming or grunting - no way she was in labor! Nobody was encouraging her, holding her hand, telling her to push. We weren't quite sure how long this was going to take. Before I could contemplate whether or not I wanted to miss dinner to witness this event - the baby was full out on the table, before anyone was prepared to catch it. I jumped back faster than I think I ever have. The image of a baby shooting out like a bullet with one push was more than I was prepared for! I hear my husband say "That was awesome!" and about lose my lunch in a nearby basket.

I gather myself in the next curtained area, my eyes wide with surprise at my husband's reaction. He is so excited! .....that is sooooo not right. Didn't he see where that baby came out? Doesn't he know how horrifying that looks to me? We should really talk about adoption more...

I stuck around to see the new life brought into this world. A teammate of mine got to weigh, clean, dress, and cut the umbilical cord off the new baby boy. Once he was all bundled up, we got to hold him. And that kind of made up for the visual that is now permanently scarred in my brain.

Oh Eve - I hope that was one juicy piece of fruit....
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