Obesity is sad. It's unhealthy, too common, and I hate looking at the number on my scale and seeing it tremble between "overweight" and "obese". It's always been a struggle, and I truly believe everyone should try their best to live a healthy lifestyle.

With that week in the Netherlands was different this time than it's ever been before. As the plane landed, and I began to hustle through the crowd, trying to keep the fast pace of the ridiculously fit Dutch around me...I see something.

It can't be. No...I simply can not be seeing this. In the shops, on the escalators, in the is everywhere! My mouth hung open as I continued walking. I stopped making the conscious effort to maintain a fast pace. I was dumbfounded by what I saw. Am I in the right place? Did I sleep through the announcement and land in LA instead of Amsterdam?

Curves. Everywhere! And not American curves....Dutch curves. As I look out into the sea of people around me, I'm no longer seeing all tall, lean figures, making my round shape more distinguished. There are hips and butts...and double-chins!! I can't believe my eyes!

Thanks for the best welcome present ever, Holland. :)
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  1. I want to hear more about your trip and see some pictures....

  2. S Farray Says:

    And the Netherlands says, "You are welcome!" ;)

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