My obsession of the scale has turned into an obsession with the soft measuring tape as of late. That 2 inch gap in the zipper of my wedding dress when I put it on last Saturday is haunting me. I have been measuring myself at least once every day. More like 2 or 3 times. Just to check and see if my fat decided to go with gravity and move to the lower part of my body, where the zipper isn't an issue.

This morning, immediately after waking up and stepping on the scale, I walk into the second bedroom, where I keep my daily weight log and body measurements. I grab the blue tape off the dresser and wrap it around my upper body. I look in the mirror to make sure it's straight across my back, and not twisted at any point. Then I take the end and and pull it as tight as it will go (let's face it - when the dress DOES zip, it's gonna be tight!). No point in leaving any slack.

When I feel I've adjusted it just right, I look down to see today's outcome. What? No way! I lost 13 inches! That firming cream is uh-mazing! I looked in the mirror at myself, with my mouth hung open. Seriously? I look back down at the measuring tape to verify the numbers.'s definitely 13 numbers below the last one I wrote down.

Oh. Wait. I started at the wrong end of the tape. *Sigh*
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  1. Hey! I was freaking out and jumping up and down while I read this!! Haha, and then I got to the end. :( Stick it in there, you still have time!! :)

    Did you guys send out invites to your wedding? I was seriously thinking of using my free plane ticket to be there on your special day, but I kept waiting for the invite to come with more info (time, place, hotel info...). Anyway, I'll be praying for you to magically shrink in just the right places so that your wedding dress fits. Love you!

  2. Willemijn Says:

    Hey you :D
    It took me some serious time to find your blog...all I remembered was something with sushi, and google didn't find you with that..Just now I thought about facebook ( I even had to register...but you're worth it :p )and now I'm here :D
    I love reading it!!!! Measering tape sucks :S But you can do it!! Move, move, move and eat chickensoup and that dress will fit you perfectly in a few days! My thoughts will be with you on your very special day! I'm am so happy for you!! LOVE YOU!

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