During the year Josiah was on formula - we had the displeasure of having to go with a special formula.  So special, that stores felt $26.00 for a 12.6oz can (or 2ish day supply) was reasonable.  That came to roughly $390/month for formula alone.  To save some money, I used coupons, became well-acquainted with trusted sellers on ebay, and hesitantly searched craigslist for a discounted purchase.  ANY discount!  $25 a can you say?  Sold!

But let's not forget diapers and wipes and baby jar food and age-appropriate toys and clothes and shoes and books and more!  Heaven forbid they wind up in the hospital at 2 months old with a golfball-sized knot on their neck for no apparent reason - bring on the bills!  Before I knew it - I joined the parenting chorus and chanted (LOUDLY) "Babies are so dadgum expensive!"

So imagine my surprise when we got through Josiah's first year with hospital bills paid, OUR bills paid, some extra debt paid off, and a new car.  How did that happen?!?

And this is what I discovered.

Babies are not expensive.  I am expensive.  And I certainly don't want to give up my fun money to pay for silly things like basic needs for my what now?!  I mean - I can eat one nice dinner out with my husband OR I can pay the same price for 142 diapers, 504 wipes, 2 week's worth of baby food, and 5 outfits from Goodwill.  Helllooooo....this woman needs some cheesecake, people!  I am not a cheap date!

So while I get zero pleasure from filling my grocery cart with smashed peas and teething tablets and yet a bigger sized kid's only because I want to reach the Gold star level at Starbucks.  Because - let's face it - drinking a cup of Starbuck's coffee is way more enjoyable than changing diapers.

But I will choose the latter.  I may still cringe when I see the final total on the register at checkout - but I'll remind myself that my long-term pleasure at watching my child grow and develop is way more important than attempting to recall the taste of overpriced salmon and mashed potatoes.