*This is a compilation of all the advice I have been given about breastfeeding over the past year from a number of sources.  This is not an ACTUAL guide to successful breastfeeding...

Prepare your nipples for breastfeeding. Rubbing a wash cloth over your nipples or pulling on them prior to going into labor will help the adjustment to breastfeeding. Nothing will help prepare you for nursing your baby for the first time. It will hurt when your baby latches properly. You will need to have ointment to keep your nipples from cracking or bleeding within the first few weeks of nursing. If your baby is latched properly, there will be no pain. Bleeding and cracked nipples obviously implies poor latching.

Nurse every 2-3 hours no matter what. You need to keep your supply up. Your baby will increase your supply based on their feeding needs. Make sure your baby nurses on each side during each feeding. It's okay of they don't. Allow them to empty one side completely during a feeding and then nurse them from the opposite side at the next feeding. Do not nurse your baby for more than 30 minutes at a time, as they will burn more calories than they are taking in after that point. Allow your baby to nurse as long as they want. Prolonged nursing increases milk supply. Don't watch the clock - not every baby is the same. Letting them use nursing as a pacifier to fall asleep creates bad habits. Allowing a baby to fall asleep while nursing is good for increasing milk supply.

If you feel engorged after nursing, pump to relieve the pressure. Pumping after your baby nurses tricks your body into thinking you have twins. Don't do it. Pumping is good for storing extra milk so your husband can help feed the baby via bottle. Don't use a bottle to feed the baby. The baby will have nipple confusion. Pumping is inefficient. Make sure your pump has properly sized flanges. Even if your pump has proper sized flanges, it may not work. Be sure to have a pump on hand to help maintain milk supply when your baby starts sleeping through the night. Your baby should not sleep through the night. You should wake your baby every 2-4 hours to nurse him/her.

You must eat healthy while breastfeeding.  Only organic food must be consumed.  Eat whatever you want. The fattier the food, the fattier the milk. You should take in extra calories while nursing. There is absolutely no need to eat more than you did before you got pregnant. You should only drink water. Drinking caffeine doesn't affect the baby.  Drinking alcohol does. It is okay to drink alcohol while breastfeeding. Your supply will decrease if you drink anything other than water.

Be sure to carry a nursing cover with you for when you need to nurse in public. Don't nurse in public. Ever. It's completely inappropriate. And natural. So don't worry what other people think. Stay covered up always and don't make eye contact while doing so.