My wonderful husband had the misfortune of losing his wedding band before we even hit our 1 year anniversary! He lost in the ocean one day we were at the beach, and the reality of having to replace his wedding band multiple times over the upcoming years (being realistic and all) was financially frustrating! He's not allowed to wear his ring at work, as it's a safety issue. So IF he wears it to work, he has the potential of losing it there. And obviously, when he's not at work....well....we know about those possibilities.

I may be old-fashioned and all, but I'm pretty strong on the opinion that wedding rings are necessary, not optional, in the world of psycho women today. So it was really important that we got him a new one as soon as possible.

One Wednesday night at church, someone told him about another guy who had gotten his ring tattooed on his finger. I'd heard of it before - but Chris apparently never had. He was highly intrigued and began looking into it. It would solve all our problems! It was cheaper, didn't create a safety issue at work, and he would never be at risk of losing it! And that was pretty much the end of our discussion. Unfortunately, the detail in his original wedding ring was too fine to tattoo on his finger, so he had to decide on another one he wanted. He's always really liked this Christian fish motorcycle symbol. He said it would combine his three greatest loves into one!

So I called him on my way home last night, and ask if he wanted to go check into getting it done. I thought a weeknight would be faster to walk-in without an appointment and get it done. The guy we met did not seem at all thrilled about the idea of doing a ring tattoo. He began telling us that there was no point doing it on the inside of his finger, because it would rub off rather quickly. He then let us know that the top would probably wear off, too, as much as someone typically washes their hands. We were well aware of all of this, and knew that there would probably need to be refreshers in the future. He just wanted to make sure his butt was covered! After we convinced him we understood it all, and had no problem with it, he finally set his station up.

He initially though Chris just wanted the symbol outline on top of his finger, but we told him we wanted it to look like an actual band. I couldn't see any of what was actually being tattooed while it was going on, so I hoped that the guy understand what we were wanting. He got down as far on the sides of his finger as he could, then said he couldn't go any further, do to the lack of space for the needle in-between Chris's fingers. That made sense. So it's not all the way around - not even past the point in you see in the picture, really - but we both love how it turned out! Even with tip, it was cheaper than replacing his old wedding band, and we were both so excited about it! Yay for lifetime commitment!!!

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